Restructuring of 8 R&D centers 


Lead the European restructuring inclusive a German social plan


- Spain: Abrera

- Germany: Hagenbach, Munich, Scheuerfeld,        Peine, Rüsselsheim, Gaimersheim

- CZ Republic: Mlada Boleslav  



12 months from the first analysis to the complete implemented restructuring 


  • Analysis of the previous 8 organizations

  • Creation of one organization  


  • "Non-event" restructuring and social plan

  • the key people got promotion, became more motivated and increased their performance

  • -10% headcount reduction with more capacity and projects 

  • Increased synergies with other regions 


"Didier and I collaborated more or less intensively over the many years we both are at Faurecia. This also means that I had the chance to see him from various different viewpoints and witnessed him acting in different roles and situations. Other than being a great person with a lot of energy and drive - that is already a lot and counts! -, Didier excels in his polyvalence: strategic thinking and doing, technology knowledge, market and business development expertise and always a genuine sensitivity for the bigger picture, ... and much more. That makes Didier a pretty unique partner in leadership positions, being able to challenge a project or a team based on real expertise, always result oriented, and maintaining detail focus at the same time as a healthy helicopter view. Didier is quick in assessing and understanding any type of business or technology situation, and then coming up with fresh and powerful steps to achieve a set goal. He is always able to span the wide range from vision and strategy to application and final concrete business. When you want the type of person who always gives his best ... and then still adds an extra portion of energy and determination ..., Didier is a great partner to have! I personally hope to stay close to him in the future."

Andreas Wlasak

VP Design at Faurecia