New European Engineering 



Restructuring Co-Leader



- Spain: Polinyà, Zaragoza

- German: Bötzingen, Neustadt

- France: Vernon, Theillay

- CZ Republic: Liberec 


6 months from the decision to the

final implemented improved organisation


  • Create one Europe team

  • Improve the output from the teams


  • Non-event restructuring

  • Strong customer orientation led to a tremendous business growth by +100%

  • the know-how exchange and the transfert between teams increased massively 

  • Ressource sharing grew and became "natural"

  • The team's motivation increased around all Europe


" I had the pleasure to work several years with Didier, first as partner on innovative composite projects when he was VP Engineering and Marketing at SMP, then as colleague in automotive markets when he was Engineering Director at Quadrant and finally as engineering plastics supplier when he was VP Product Line at Faurecia-Angell Demmel. Didier impressed me by his open mind and special talent to clearly envision potential benefits and issues of a given project in order to make it a reliable and successful business. In all situations Didier’s authority and leadership, without ever losing his smile and humour, made him earn my sincere appreciation. "

Henri-Paul Benichou
Sales & Business Development Manager at POLYSCOPE POLYMERS