Turnaround of a Mid-Cap Automotive Supplier during the Covid-19


Managing Director of the Business Unit STS Plastics - Sales 170 M€ - 1100 employees 


  • Headquarter in Saint-Désirat - France   - 5 sites in France

  • 1site in Germany

  • 1 site in Mexico

  • 1 site in USA to launch



Since 04/2020


  • Protect and reassure the employees by implementing safe working conditions - Covid-19 after the lock-down

  • Protect the shareholder - maintain positive cash and flex all cost types

  • Protect the customers - non-event relaunches of all 8 plants 

  • Develop the business with a profitable growth


  • Non-event relaunch of all sites inclusive the supplier base after the lock-down 

  • Successful access to the key governmental support: credit, short time work scheme, subsidies

  • Profitability recovery already in the second semester 2020 

  • Fundamental management style change toward a collaborative style

  • 5 new business awards thereof with 3 new customers, 1 innovation and 1 new product line

  • Tremendous reshuffling of  the business case of some key development programs combined with the solving of critical technical issues

  • Speed-up the implementation productivity plans with higher savings vs Budget despite lower volumes

  • Development of a new industrial plan for 2021+

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sts map.png


"I hired Didier for an Interim Mission as BU Vice President for the STS Plastic a part of the STS Group. His long-lasting Automotive background combined with deep technology insights and his French nationality was the best fit for the open vacancy. He took over, short notice, and entered the company in the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis in Europe. 

Manifold of challenges combined with necessary crisis management came along the COVID-19 crisis. Didier proofed from the very first day his tremendous Management skills, being able to integrate himself in the organization easily. His professional and open communication style allowed him to step in the BU Plastic without any business interruption. He took ownership from the very first day which is underlining his adaptability to new environments and proofed his management skills in the relationship with all stakeholders.

From the very first day of our collaboration, we had a trustful and reliable business relationship. It was a great pleasure and experience working with Didier and I wish him all the best for all future missions"

Patrick Oschust

Head of Consulting bei MUTARES SE & Co. KGaA, Managing Director